the past

ariana joan grande, 18 years old and livin' my dream.
love my mama grande and brother frankie ;) broadway and nickelodeon are where it's at. i play 'cat valentine' on victorious.
I love Graham Phillips. <3

{roleplay account}

I’m gonna hit the hay. Work tomorrow, blah.

jennettemccurds replied to your post: Graham proposed!!!!


mirandataylors replied to your post: Graham proposed!!!!


Graham came up to LA for the weekend and sorta kinda proposed….. 

Graham proposed!!!!

jamezdavid replied to your post: Oh my god!


Welcome James. :)

Oh my god!

Cadence Maslow is the cutest child EVER.

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile!

I feel like I came back at the wrong time…

I must go, have fun smooching ;)

*cough* JUSTKISSALREADY *cough*

Kendall, you’ll have to excuse Jennette she’s not very good at flirting….